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2019 TICKS Season Update

As the TICKS 2019 Season is about to get underway we wanted to reach out with some important information.  All teams schedules have been updated to reflect practice times, games and tournaments.  We, as an organization, are still waiting for confirmation of field availability at this time.  The start of our season is scheduled for April 1st, however we do have to wait for clearance to use the fields.  Once we have received clearance, coaches will be notified and will send a message to their individual teams.

All schedules are subject to change.  Therefore, it is advised that you sync the game schedules to your calendars.  Instructions as to how to do this are attached below.  Some teams/parents like to use the SI Play app, however because the TICKS website is not on the SI Play platform, it does not always work well. 

You should all receive automatic reminders for games and practices to your email or as a text message.  If you are not receiving them, please check your spam folder.  If there is ever an instance that you are not receiving a reminder, please let your player's coach know.

Lastly, uniforms are due to arrive to all players that ordered them by the deadline, by the last week of March or first week of April.

We have been hard at work to make this season get off to a great start.  Please be patient as we await field approval.  



http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/2426/subscribe to calendar.pdf




by posted 03/21/2019
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